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Sculpture in Florence
View of Florence Italy
Sculpture in Florence

Welcome to SENNHAUSERfineART

Acrylic and Oil Paintings



I always liked art but life was busy and I had to wait for my senior years to pursue this interest. I am inspired by the Old Master painters. I find their work absolutely stunning and incredible what they achieved. There are many other works of art that I admire, like the French Impressionists or Gustav Klimt's master pieces.

My own paintings are shown on the next page.


I have also painted a few copies of paintings from different Master Painters, like Guido Reni, Raphael, Rembrandt, Diego Velasquez, and Renoir. These are shown on the page thereafter.

​I will occasionally update these pages with images of new and completed paintings. They would be added to the top of the respective pages. Older paintings I will delete at times.

Hope you enjoy viewing my paintings. In the fall of 2022 I have joined the Bow West Artists club in Silver Springs community of Calgary. This club has annual art shows and sales.


If you like to leave a comment or contact me, please go to the contacts page.






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